Cultured wine consumption

The wine is more than a beverage. It’s the result of a technology refined for centuries ago. The harmony of flavours, aromas and odors. It’s the fruit of a precisely planned work. It’s not possible, and not worth to simply just drink it with one breath. We will show you, how can be a wine drinking even better experience.

Those who drink, must not drive!

Let’s grab the sole of the glass and gently move the the wine around to be able to see how it will stick to surface of the glass. Carefully smell it to be able to sense the scents of the fruits with our nose. Slip it slowly in order to the flavours could caress our soul as well. Let’s just lean back and relax a little bit!

It’s not a child’s play!

One has to be mature enough for wine. For example in Iceland there aren’t allowed to drink alcoholic beverages under the age 20. In Hungary the situation is more simple: most people can legaly clink the glasses in their high-school graduation, so after they past 18 years old. It is better if everybody can wait for this date.

The drinking is better with eating!

A little cheese, perhaps some ham or olives can greatly highlight and complete the flavours of the wine. The salty but not too spicy snacks, scones, caraway-bread sticks are also an outstanding choice. If we want to drink wine always worth to take care of some kind of tasty snack.

The water is important as well!

It’s wothwhile to consume one glass water, or soda water after each glass of wine. If we doing so, we will help our body in the digestion of the wine, we will feel ourselves less tired, and there is a smaller chance for a rough headache.

Quality vs. Quantity

Wine drinking isn’t just about the consumption. The conversation, the strolls and the experience of human connection are also the inseparable parts of it. This is exactly why it is wothwhile to moderately fill the glass. The best, if we take every sip slowly, patiently, and with long pauses: in this way the joy and our dignity will remain.


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