Wine bus

The Wine Bus is a relatively new service of Hegyalja, that provides an opportunity for the participants to obtain a more comprehensive picture about our region’s viniculture.

We can start the program even with 2 persons, but an 8-persons minibus and a 50-persons bus are available as well. The standard program is 4-5 hour long and contains the visitation of three wine cellars, where the visitors have the opportunity to become familiar with the everyday activities of the given wineries and their philosophy related to wine production, and naturally the participants can taste 2-3 wines in each location. We will select the wineries in a way that we could entirely drive around the Kopasz-Hill, and we will include the quite small family wineries and the grandiose ones with huge vineyard estate as well. We strive to fulfil every specific needs, so we can organize the visitation of esentially any requested winery. For an additional cost we can ensure an english speaking guide to the tour.

The program requires previous registration.

3910 Tokaj, Serház út 1.
Tel: +36 47 352125



Wine picnic in Várhegy Vineyard

For centuries Várhegy (literally Castle Hill) has been regarded as one of the most precious vineyards in the Tokaj Wine Region. It is linked to various noble families and stories, no coincidence that is among the most sought-after vineyards in the region....

Juliet Victor Winery

Juliet Victor’s mission is to create the world’s finest Tokaj wines – to continuously its exceptional savoir-faire and to redefine the perception of Hungarian wines over the world.


AM-Tokaj are delighted to present you with one of the most exclusive, ultra-premium wines in the world.

Zsirai Winery

We bought the first vineyard in 2005. The lands are located in Tállya, Tarcal, and on the most excellent Padi-hill slope of Rátka close to Mád. We have been tending to our lands ever since and today we cultivate 13 acres of vineyards in and around Mád...

Zsadányi Winery

The Zsadányi Winery is a family business, established in 2000. In the first couple of year it was operated as a "weekend, hobby-winery" for the pleasure of the family and its friends. It became a real winery in 2002, and the first harvest was in that...

Götz Winery

Götz Winery is a traditional family wine cellar which envisaged to create excellent wines produced with meticulous care from vine-growing through the ripening of wine to bottling.

Grand Tokaj

The Grand Tokaj is a national winery owned by the Hungarian state. As the largest winery of the over 300-year old historical Tokaj Wine Region, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2002, it has been the primary preserver and guardian of...

Acetánia | Vinegar Museum

Hungary's first vinegar museum has opened as an important stage of  the national gastronomial revolution and the road that leads to nutritional awareness. The most modern presentational techniques help to get familiar with the rich history...

Disznókő estate

Disznókő has crafted its own style of Tokaji wines, the legendary sweet white wines of Hungary. The Disznókő Tokaji Aszús are contemporary noble wines with perfect balance between the purity of the fruit , the freshness of the grape varieties and the...

Henye Borbár & Rendezvényközpont, Vendégház

The Building of Henye Winery which belongs to the Dereszla Winery Group was completed in 2014. The dry wines and champagnes of the winery are pruduced here from the vintage of 2015 forward.

Angyal Winery and Wine Estate

The Angyal Winery and Wine Estate's center, which next to the grape process includes 12 guest rooms and a nearly 1 km long cellar, can be found in the heart of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, in the deservedly famous Rátka village.

Tokaj-Hétszőlő Wine Estate

The Tokaj Hétszőlő estate, known for its unique wines and rich history, is situated in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja, on the southern slopes of Mount Tokaj.

Karádi-Berger Winery

You can find out how it feels when a business journalist has to step beyond the perspective of an economist and create truly artisan wines. The great wines are there, the journalist offers them. The visitor will also get to know the only romkocsma, or...

Tokaji Wine Vinegar House

Visit the Tokaji Wine Vinegar House and experience an exciting culinary adventure  in the historical Tokaj Wine Region! Take a look behind the scenes, get to know how our artisan products are made and see how our vinegars receive their...

Illés Winery

Our family-owned enterprise was established in 1998. Our family owns 4 active wine cellars currently. Furthermore we have two small temporary used buffer-cellars. Our main wine cellar is the Illés Wine cellar in Erdőbénye. We have created a big hall in...

Basilicus Wineyards and Winery | winery tour and ...

Starting at 4pm every day from Monday to Saturday, our Tokaj Masterclasses give a full overview of the history, geography, grape varieties and wine styles of the Tokaj region via a guided tasting of six representative wines.  

Wine tasting and wine presentation in the Angyal ...

Every week on Fridays the Angal Borászat organizes a guaranteed wine tasting and presentation.

Tokaj Nobilis

We started out with the vision to establish a small artisan winery producing wines of great character and sophistication that reflect the true nature of our unique terroir and traditional varieties and our respect for the environment.The first step was...

Erzsébet Cellar

Our central cellar, located in the heart of Tokaj, was built in the 1700s. For years, it was used as a fermenting and aging cellar by the Russian Wine Trade Company established to provide the court of Russian Tsars and Tsarinas – amongst them Tsarina...

Tokaj Classic Winery

For the musicians wine making becomes a passion.