Acetánia | Vinegar Museum

Hungary's first vinegar museum has opened as an important stage of  the national gastronomial revolution and the road that leads to nutritional awareness. The most modern presentational techniques help to get familiar with the rich history and the exciting manufacturing method of wine-vinegars for those who visit Bodrogkeresztúr.

We create wine vinegar in a unique way from high quality Tokaji wine

Our wine vinegar was born in heart of Tokaj as a child of the best quality wines of hand-picked and selected grapes. This unique nectar comes to life as a result of careful attention, innovative technology, respect for tradition, maturing in oak barrels, and, of course, patience. From the atmospheric village of Bodrogkeresztúr in the Tokaj Wine Region.

100% natural biological fermentation

Our products are made by biological fermentation, a process which can preserve the original characters of the wines. Due to our special process our vinegars inherit the beneficial effects of Tokaji wines, along with the delightful aromas and flavours.

We make our vinegars without additives

There are no additives in our wine vinegars. They are made naturally from high quality wines and acetic acid bacteria. True alchemy: the alcohol existing in the wine is converted to acetic acid so just a couple of drops provide an intensive character to our wine vinegars, a strength and playfulness from the heritage of our wines.

Aged in oak barrels to return peace to the disturbed liquid

After we have attained complete harmony, our vinegar is clothed in lovely little bottles which are also practical. Stackable so, as well as containing an exceptional product, they can also decorate your kitchen.

Use with faith, experiment with courage, flavour your meals and enrich your recipes with Tokaji Wine Vinegar! May every drop be an experience!

Opening hours:

From Monday till Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
In other dates: Based on previous request
For a weekend date, please ask for appointment!

For more information visit the website of the Tokaji Wine Vinegar House.