Zsirai Winery

We bought the first vineyard in 2005. The lands are located in Tállya, Tarcal, and on the most excellent Padi-hill slope of Rátka close to Mád. We have been tending to our lands ever since and today we cultivate 13 acres of vineyards in and around Mád (Rátka, Tállya, Tarcal, Tokaj).

We also set up our headquarters in a wine house in Mád, which was originally built in the 1700s and the property of the Szirmay family. According to the data in the archives, the last owner was Earl Ottó Szirmay. Unfortunately, time and the lack of proper care took a heavy toll on the building, which made it necessary to renovate the building. The works have been concluded recently including buying, renovating, and re-vaulting more cellars around the wine house.

The daily tasks around our winery - the management of the land, the timing of cultivation and the production of different types of wines - have been supported by a handful of enologists who are also family friends from the very beginning. Their conscientiousand precise work is equally as priceless for our winery as is their persistence in following our beloved Father’s ideas and principles.

The vineyardsat the Tokay terrain are managed by Csaba Tóth from Mád, while the vineyards at the Somló terrain and Palkonya are managed by Tibor Brogli from Budapest. They both gained their knowledge and solid background at the István Soós Enology and Business Tradeschool and Vocational school of the Budapest University of Corvinus.

Csaba Tóth was introduced to our family by a friend in Mád. Before 2008, he dealt with different matters at that time. Other than working at his family’s vineyard, vine producing and enology were not of significant importantance in his life. He joined our winery in 2008. Since then he hasbeen an important member of our winery and does an excellent job coordinating tedious tasks at multiple fields. Our other employees: Zsolt, Péter and Donát, also give us tremendous support through their work.

Our father met Tibor Brogli during their enology studies and they stayed in touch after graduation, which laid the foundation of their work together. Tibi took over the management of the two smaller vineyards that, despite their smaller sizes, require a lot of travel as well as thorough and detailed work. His work is supported by Péter in Palkonya, and József and Titusz in Somló.

Marketing and sales of or wines are managed by Máté Csanaky, who has been an important member of our team since 2011. Máté represents the winery at events, wine tastings and meetings. His fresh energy and strong commitment energized our winery and he helps us in gradually building a name for the winery.