Balogh Mansion (Tállya)

Garden, freestanding, rectangular, single-story, mansard-roofed mansion with copf origin, both side length 3-axis tympanum was built in the 1780s.

Borsay castle (Mád)

The Borsay residence is located in 37. Rákóczi Street with a stonewall in the front side.

Castle of family Monoky (Monok)

The so-called small palace stands in the center of the village. The castle gained its present form in the 1960s. The Andrássys made radical changes to the castle like neo-classical and renaissance elements. The castle is surrounded by the remains...

Gróf Degenfeld Castle Hotel****

For expanding the tourism services offered by the Tokaj wine growing region the family has converted the former wine-dresser school located on the vineyard into a four star Castle Hotel, as a result of which the hotel was opened and the guests have...

Maillot Castle (Tállya)

Gyorgy Maillot, the lorraine baron married Margit Beust, that’s why he got into Tállya. Nándor, their son was born here and represented his hometown ,Tállya at Parlament. The castle was built in baroque style around 1720...

Patay Castle (Taktabáj)

One of the main attractions of the village was built in 1726 in baroque style. Sámuel Patay left the whole construction to Tamás Tornyos. Now the castle is square-shaped, with mansard roof, in each corner turrets and external staircase...

Rákóczi Castle in Szerencs

The castle was built in the XVI century. The Renaissance style was given at the time, when it was in the hand of Zsigmond Rákóczi.  

Rákóczi Mansion (Tállya)

The town was formerly owned by Rákóczi, as exemplified by the early 1670s baroque style Rákóczi Mansion. Near the street, free-standing, dissected, L-shaped castle is one-story, covered with hipped gable roof. In front of...