Sacral heritages

Calvinist Church

The church is a late Baroque style building, built between 1802-1822, and it\' s tower was built in 1896. Inside, we can see copf style furnitures.

Catholic Church (Mád)

The Catholic parish was in Mád at the 14th century. The church was consecrated in honor of St. Thomas who was an Apostle, its priest Dominican. The church is still standing now, was built between 1521-1526, and after the Protestant Reformation it was...

Evangelic church (Tállya)

Evangelical churches under the Edict of 1786 was firstly independent in existence. Baroque church was built in 1790. Several times burned 1810, 1813, 1861, 1884. Its first pastor was  János  Draskóczy Krasznitz in 1784. Fitting with high altar, pulpit,...

Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic church

The church was built in Romanesque style in 1913 and it can be found on the town\' s main square.

King St. Stephen Roman Catholci Church

József Zábrátczky provost of Eger bought a lordship in Takta-Szada to his brother, and in 1809 he made a foundation with 15 000 HUF to bulid a church and a parish building. This sum became enough only with its produces in 1864,...

Reformated Church (Tállya)

Soon after the onset of Protestantism, Tállya Reformed Church has been founded in 1540. First pastor was András Szkhárosi Horváth. The construction of the church began in 1657 but in 1687 was occupied by the Catholics. The new church was built in Baroque...

Reformed Church (Mezőzombor)

The present church was built in between 1948-50 in its previous plot. Worship is every Sunday at 9 am.

Reformed Church (Taktaharkány)

The first stones were put down in 6. March 1793, when the preacher was István Terhes. The works continued for 13 years, while Gábor Bereti was the minister. The first mass was in 3 October 1799, when the tower was unfinished. The church...

Reformed Church (Taktaszada)

The Reformed Church was built in copf style in 1794. It is a one-nave church, its\' tower is at the west side of the building.

Reformed Church (Tiszalúc)

The church has a T-shape, with big side-naves and its tower is stands at the end of the main-nave. It used to be a bohemian church. According to István Genthon it was built in the 1520' s.

Roman Catholic Church (Tiszalúc)

The church was built between 1935 and 1937 dedicating to the jubilee of St. Stephen' s 900th anniversary. Designer: Géza Kohányi. Architects: András Kocsa and Jr. Lajos Katona. Its tower was not finished because of the war....

St Anne Church (Bodrogkisfalud)

The Church was built Romensque Revival style in 1930 and dedicated to St. Anne.

St. László church

The Gothic Church was dedicated to St. Ladislas, it was reconstructed in Baroque style in 1720. We can see St. Vencel to picking grapes on a side-altar\' s picture. It is the work of Maulbertsch, from the XVIII.

St. Peter and Paul Apostle Roman Catholic Church

After the I. World War Dr. József Szén became the minister in Taktaharkány and he helped to develop the church. Between 1926-27 the church was built and in 1929 a primary school too. The first teacher was József Monszport....


Tokaj-Hegyalja is the most famous historic wine region around the World and it is the part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. The Cultural and Conference Centre was built up with the financial support of the European Union Phare Program to...

Synagogue in Mád

The Synagogue was built in 1795, in copf style. It was reconstructed in 2004. Registration needed to visit it.

Szent György római katolikus templom | ...

The church was built in the Middle Ages in Gothic style. It was reconstructed several times, the last one was in 1787.

Theresea Chapel

The chapel located on the top of the Theresa-hill was built by Count Antal Grassalkovich in honour for Maria Theresa and her generous donations.