Rent a bike

Böne Guesthouse
3910 Tokaj, Bethlen Gábor str. 20.

Bicycles, what you can rent:
- Size 28" 5 piece man and 5 piece woman
- Size 26" 4 piece woman
- 1 piece tandem bicycle

3.000 Huf/day

+36 30 278 9196

Bicycle rental and service
3910 Tokaj, Vasvári Pál str. 14/a.

+36 20 545 7672

Zenit Vízibázis
Tokaj - Rakamaz, Horgász str. 3. / Tisza 542 fkm

- 30 piece bicycle /Schwinn Csepel Boss type/

For 4 hours or more than one day it costs 2.000 Huf/bicycle
1 day costs 3.000 Huf/bicycle

+36 47 552 187

Ride a bike  - The historical wine region on two wheels

The cycling is flourishes in recent times, and not only because it’s practicality, but also because of the lifestyle related to it. The Tokaj wine region provides an outstanding opportunity for riding a bicycle as well. You can ride arount almost the whole mountain.
More and more programs are organized for the lovers of two wheel lifestyle in the region. In the latest years regularly in every May the locals and the tourists are called for a „mountain biking” in Tokaj. The „Ride to the mountain” is not a competition but rather an intense tour – even for hobby-bikers. Starting from the Tokaj wine region’s eponymous town the bikers proceed across Bodrogkeresztúr-Szegi-Szegilong-Erdőbénye-Abaújszántó-Tállya-Mád and Tarcal and finally back to Tokaj. The altogether 70 km long distance reaches several wineries, where in an exceptional way they offer not only wine but refresheners, water, and tasty snacks as well. Last time nearly 100 persons were participating in the program. For those whom doesn’t try out this journey, another 25 km tour were organized alongside the banks of the Tisza river.
Sárospatak has also discovered the possibilities offered by biking. They organized the first taste-travel with bicycle of the country this year. During their cycle, that was nearly 200 km they could get a more comprehensive picture about the Hungarian traditions and the natural beauty of the region. The Zemplén and Abaúj tour were called to life for a tradition creating purpose. In addition to the unique tastes they extended the tour with program elements as like as canoeing in the Hernád, the wine tastings, or an exceptional Calvinic worship in Hernádszentandrás.

Wine, bicycle… peace!

The resurrector (or creator?) of the Tokaj mountains region’s bicycle culture was the Drótszamár Fest of Erdőbénye. In 2015 they were awaiting for the bikers for the fifth time with 3 tours. The competitors can compete in a short (21 km, 600 m uphill), a medium (42 km, 1160 m uphill), and the braver ones could compete in a long event (62,5 km, 1780 m uphill). Although the competitors wasn’t able to admire the beauty of the Aranyosi-valley, because the better ones accomplished the medium distance in two hours and the longer distance in roughly three hours.
Although the Tokaj wine region is interesting not only because of the local initiative. Several bike club organises tours here. The bikers coming here from Miskolc, Nyíregyháza or even farther away to spend a few days wandering in the area with their feet in their pedals.
We can hike in the Zemplén, alongside the Bodrog, and in the historical wine region, and the distances are varies between 70 and 150 km. Of course we can differ these distances in both direction, and we can find several bike-friendly services in the region.
Beside Tokaj the bicycles are available in Szerencs, Tarcal, Tállya, Rátka, Sátoraljaújhely, but we can find some of them in Miskolc and Lillafüred as well.
In the region there are several wineries (family or large estate), accomodations and restaurants can accomodate guests, thus the visitors can easily organise even a tour that lasts several days. However it could be important to use a Zemplén Mountains map. With that we can easily avoid, that a rescue team shall scour the area for the groups whom got lost. There are lot of places where the mobile phones aren’t functioning because of the lack of signal, so it is advisable to ask the help of a professional guide, who knows the area. The region could be recommended for bicycle tours in all season. In the villages, where the traffic is usually sparse, we can ride in the asphalt roads, but the forest routes are also perfectly fit for biking. However it is also important that hospitals are only in Sátoraljaújhely and Szikszó. In the intermountain municipalities there are little chance for first-aid.

Where to go?

The Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region the oldest wine region of the country. The world-famous traditition of wine-making and viticulture are dated back to the 17th century.  In 2002 the region has given a World Heritage status by the UNESCO. In addition to the tourist attraction as like as a centuries-old wine cellar, there are numerous specialities waiting for the visitors.
For example the has collected the places that only a handful of locals know about into a bucket list. On the occasion of a cycling it is worthwhile to visit Tállya where, according to the 1992’s measurement data, there is the geometric midpoint of Europe, or let’s visit the tarn in Megyeri-Mountain, near to Sárospatak. The Museum of Hungarian Language is easiliy accessible by bike; we can visit the truncated tower in Olaszliszka, or the six-hole bridge in Vámosújfalú, but we can also observe the unique flora and fauna of the Bodrog river.