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The world of the postcards

The new permanent exhibition of the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs discloses the most important collection of the institute, the internationally known postcard collection to the visitors.

Rákóczi Zsigmond and the medieval times

The history of the Rákóczi family, that became more and more wealthy and highly respected since the beginning of the 17th century, and the history of the market town Szerencs in the Hegyalja are connected.

Ex libris of Fery Antal

Fery Antal grafic designer was an important artist of the hungarian grafic art of the 20th century, his favourite genre was the small graphic made with the woodcut technique. He created a significant amount of these type of graphics. He is well known...

Bodrogkisfalud country house

The country house was built at the end of the XIX. century, all of it\' s relics are from the village. We can see furnitures, articles of personal use, agricultural, vinicultural and stock-raising tools from the previous century.

Acetánia | Vinegar Museum

Hungary's first vinegar museum has opened as an important stage of  the national gastronomial revolution and the road that leads to nutritional awareness. The most modern presentational techniques help to get familiar with the rich history...

Butterfly and Mineral Exhibition

Hungary largest permanent tropical butterfly exhibition! More than a thousand pieces of foreign and domestic minerals!

Honey museum

Gergő Méhes’ apiary is located in Vizsoly, in the picturesque North-Eastern part of Hungary. The visitors can try the most popular and particular types of honey and can enjoy a bee-keeping presentation.  The museum also hosts several old bee-keeping...

Rákóczi Castle in Szerencs

The castle was built in the XVI century. The Renaissance style was given at the time, when it was in the hand of Zsigmond Rákóczi.

Grape Nature Trail

Due to the Tokaj-Hétszőlő vineyard\'s natural gifts, and the carefull conditioning of its lands and grapes, this vineyard has become one of Hungary\'s most beautiful vineyards. The path which incircles the vineyard allows visitors to take a walk, and...

European wines, european travellers

The landscape has a lot of stories to tell us about relations between wine and Europe; about wine regions and types of wines, about the built heritage of these wine regions and cellars, architectural innovations; the traditions of the wine region, and...

Tátorján Nature trail (Alsódobsza)

Length: 17 kmShape: Figure of eightRecommended starting point: from the park in front of the Alsódobsza grocery storeIt can only accessible by car!Time to accomplish the tour: Approximately 7-8 hoursInvolved villages: Alsódobsza- Megyaszó, Szentistvánbaksa...

The history of the Gönci Barrel

In his writing, “Vinicultura Tokajiensis” Bél Mátyás claimed that if there is something in the world which has been equally praised all over the world that must be the Tokaji wine because it has so many good qualities that no other wine can ever exceed.  ...

Legyesbénye walk road and memorial park

The park has two main part. One of them is a sacral, terraced establishment with St. István, St. László és Mary statues, that are 4 metre tall. The other part of the investment is an outdoor stone-library, which currently...