Balogh Mansion (Tállya)

Garden, freestanding, rectangular, single-story, mansard-roofed mansion with copf origin, both side length 3-axis tympanum was built in the 1780s.

Blessed trinity Roman Catholic Church

The church is a high Gothic style building.

Bodrogkisfalud country house

The country house was built at the end of the XIX. century, all of it\' s relics are from the village. We can see furnitures, articles of personal use, agricultural, vinicultural and stock-raising tools from the previous century.

Bodrogszegi nature reserve

The 299m high hill was preserved with it' s forests, clearings and extraordinary flowers. The area is rich in animal species too, especially in birds, like the ortolan bunting. Photo by Zsólyomi Tamás

Borsay castle (Mád)

The Borsay residence is located in 37. Rákóczi Street with a stonewall in the front side.

Castle of family Monoky (Monok)

The so-called small palace stands in the center of the village. The castle gained its present form in the 1960s. The Andrássys made radical changes to the castle like neo-classical and renaissance elements. The castle is surrounded by the remains...

Catholic Church (Tállya)

The parish church stood here since th Middle Ages, but in the years of the reformation it became empty and only in 1688 was reinstated. The Gothic church rebuilt in baroque style in 1720, consecrated in honor of St. Ladislaus, which was rebuilt later...

Erdőbénye woodland pasture Conservation Area

The range with it' s big trees gives a special atmosphere, showing the traditional agriculture.

Evangelic church (Tállya)

Evangelical churches under the Edict of 1786 was firstly independent in existence. Baroque church was built in 1790. Several times burned 1810, 1813, 1861, 1884. Its first pastor was  János  Draskóczy Krasznitz in 1784. Fitting...

Finánc-Hill Viewpoint

If you are in Tokaj, don't miss the Finánc-Hill Viewpint, from where the gorgeous sight impresses the visitors. 

Honey museum

Gergő Méhes’ apiary is located in Vizsoly, in the picturesque North-Eastern part of Hungary. The visitors can try the most popular and particular types of honey and can enjoy a bee-keeping presentation.  The museum also hosts several old bee-keeping...

Jewish Community Building (Mád)

It used to be an Israelite religious building, built in Baroque style in the XVIII. century. It is an L-shaped building near to the Synagogue.

Kifli Lake (Csobaj)

Kifli Lake’s flora and wildlife are valueable part of Csobaj. Backwaters arosed in the 19th century, on the right bank of the Tisza’s floodplain. Administratively it belongs to the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Length of 800...

Maillot Castle (Tállya)

Gyorgy Maillot, the lorraine baron married Margit Beust, that’s why he got into Tállya. Nándor, their son was born here and represented his hometown ,Tállya at Parlament. The castle was built in baroque style around 1720...

Máriássy- house

The Máriássy house was built in Copf style at the end of the XVIII. century. It is an L-shaped house with wood-beamed roof.