Water tour is one of the most enjoyable activities. When you get in a boat, there is only the magic of water and the breeze, the flutter of life on the coast, the birds flew and the hosted clouds. Beside each river kilometers not only the name of the township can be seen but the camp sites, campgrounds, the cultural and historical attractions.

According to the local fable fairies used to live in fairy castle on Castle Hill who often spent their time playing ball. Sometimes when the ball fell to the ground, the fairies cried. Their tears created river Bodrog. This tearful, nice river still fascinates visitors. At spring, during flooding Bodrog seems to be a huge, few-kilometers water surface if looking it from the Great Bald Hill or Castle Hill of Szegi, in which some treetops and branches of shrubs come up. This time, some special birds and plants, live only in this area. In summer, river is tamer this time, an excellent opportunity for canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing. Bodrogzug avifauna represents a special value: rare raptorial birds, as well as a range of water and wading bird species live here, but the flood plain of retiring bird effect is an important station. As a result, in 1989 it was, added to the list of Ramsari sites of international importance as waterfowl habitat. Organized individually and a group tours, in the Tokaj-Bodrogzug protected area, can only be pre-authorized by the Conservation Authority. To enter to Bodrogzug, you need a permission which is issued by the North Hungarian Environment and Water Inspectorate. To purchase of licenses and proposing of water hike, locally water-tour operator specialists are available for tourists.

Starting from Sárospatak, coming down on the river Bodrog it is worth to take a rest in Szegi, where tourist base offers accommodation for hikers, dining and cooking facilities and tent spaces. Those who wants to make small tour here, water base offers opportunities to hire kayaks and canoes.The Bodrog meets the Tisza at Tokaj. To this small town arriving guest can take a boat trip discover the Tisza and Bodrog, or can wine tasting cruises can participate. At city Marina boats await their passengers, but kayaks and canoes can be rented as well.

In the region, at several places, fishing lakes can be found at border of Mád, Tarcal or Erdőbénye, but Tarcal’s lake also is visitable. Hereinafter, we collect some information about water hiking services.

Information and reservations at Tokaj Tourinform (3910, Tokaj, Serház u.1.  e-mail:., Tel :+36 70 388 8870).