By Bicycle

You can choose among several hiking tours and programs, also if you borrow your bike from contracted partners of the tour center, vineyards, wild forests of Zemplén and beautiful backwaters wait for you. Ride your bike with your friends, family and we guarantee you will have a good time.
The bike rental fee:

2000 Ft / day
1200 Ft half day (up to 5 hours)

The bikes can be rented and / or can be submitted in the following locations:
Tourist Information Tokaj (Serház u 1.) Tel: +36 47 552 070
Hotel Kelep (Bodrogkeresztúri u. 44) Tel: +36 47 563 809
Pataky Borporta (Tarcal Bracelets u. 20) Tel: +36 30 903 62 41
Lion Wine Restaurant & Wine Hotel **** (Rákóczi út 23) Tel: +36 47 598 888
World Heritage and Tourism reception building (Szerencs, Nagyvárad u. 2.)
Dereszla Info Point (Bodogkeresztúr, Felső u. 2) (Only bike submit, no rent yet)

Below there are some of the places you definitely want to visit by bicycle.

Information and reservations at Tokaj Tourinform (3910, Tokaj, Serház u.1.  e-mail:., Tel :+36 70 388 8870).

Bodrogszegi nature reserve

The 299m high hill was preserved with it\' s forests, clearings and extraordinary flowers. The area is rich in animal species too, especially in birds, like the ortolan bunting.