Zsadányi Winery

The Zsadányi Winery is a family business, established in 2000. In the first couple of year it was operated as a "weekend, hobby-winery" for the pleasure of the family and its friends. It became a real winery in 2002, and the first harvest was in that year, from which a bottled wine were born, and strarting from 2003 every nectar of the harvested grapes were filled into bottles, in the form of dry, sweet and dessert wine of each grape variety, in small quantities.

We intend to create high quality wines, that can satisfy the taste requirements of the XXI. Century and have a distinctive character, and can only be born in the ridges of Tállya, while respecting the traditions, that were developed throughout the Centuries.

According to the visitors demand we can organise a wine tasting with various wines. We are awaiting you in our mansion, which is in the Petőfi Sándor street, in Tállya.

We are accepting the wine-compilation in the events, and wine presentations in meetings.

Further information:

Tourinform Tokaj
3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 1.
Tel.: +36 47 352125
E-mail: info@tokaj-turizmus.hu