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The landscape has a lot of stories to tell us about relations between wine and Europe; about wine regions and types of wines, about the built heritage of these wine regions and cellars, architectural innovations; the traditions of the wine region, and also about the region’s typical language and its cultural diversity.

World Heritage Wine Regions in Europe I. Wine Regions in South-Europe along the Mediterranean coastline:

  • Italy: Cinque Terre National Park
  • Italy: Montalcino (Val d\'Orcia)
  • Portugal: Douro Valley
  • Portugal: Pico (Azores Island)
  • France: Valley of Loire

Visitors can explore World Heritage Wine Regions in Europe from “small cabins of a ship”. This room is designed as a cabin creating the atmosphere of a voyage: while standing in the cabin you can even experience pitching. While standing in this special room, we can learn about four regions located in South Europe. On the wall there are small pictures which can be drawn just as if we were looking through the windows of the cabin.

World Heritage Wine Regions in Europe II. Wine Regions along Central-European rivers and lakes:

  • Austria: Neusiedlersee / Lake Neusied
  • Austria: Wachau
  • Germany: Middle Rhine Valley
  • Switzerland: Lavaux

During this virtual journey, visitors can explore four Central-European world heritage wine regions by a mini airship. This room is designed to give us the feeling of a journey in the air. Small stereoscopes on the wall make the experience even livelier.


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