Tokaj-Hegyalja Market

Artisan market – the second Sunday of every month at the Sárga Borház Restaurant on the Disznókő estate

On market day the Sárga Borház Restaurant and the Disznókő estate buzz with the popular artisan market. The Tokaj-Hegyalja Market is a meeting place for locals and tourists curious about the handmade products brought by 60 local craftsmen and women: – cheeses and cured meats, jams and honeys, vinegars and oils, (organic) fruits and vegetables, chocolates and homemade cakes just like Grandma used to make… – as well as jewellery, clothes, wooden toys, pottery, soap, – and so very much more!

Meet local artisans – they really are local, from the county plus a 40km radius – and discover some of the treasures on offer in the historic Tokaj Wine Region and the neighbouring area, as well as their skilled creators. The perfect opportunity to find out more about the products, whether they be traditional mangalica pork sausages (from the “Hungarian hairy pigs” who live in a forest and have a mud bath all to themselves!) or organic pumpkin seed oil.

Not only products … Live music, exhibitions, talks, seasonal market menu at the Sárga Borház Restaurant and – we are in the Tokaj Wine Region! – guided tours around the Disznókő estate and winery as well asthematic wine tastings.

Relax with friends in the Sárga Borház Restaurant or enjoy the autumn sun on the terrace.

How to find it? The Disznókő estate lies along the road 37 and starts by the Mád/Mezőzombor roundabout.

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