Zemplén Museum

The Museom of Zemplén can be found in the inner part of the Rákóczi castle, on the first floor. The collecting works started in 1965, when the people and the Béla Angyal \'s group helped too. In 15th July 1967 László dr. Petrikovits dentist, known collector gave thousands of postcards, book plates, books, archeological, ethnical and art objects to the settlement. The museum opened in 1968 and after several migrates it settled down in the castle.

Regular exhibitons:

  • Zsigmond Rákóczi and his era
  • The History of the postcards
  • Antal Fery\' s book plates

Seasonal exhibitons:

  • Chocolate of Szerencs (Relics from the History Of the Chocolate Factory)
  • Relics from the past - Excavations at the Reformed Church in Szerencs