Tokaj Wine Festival

Photo: Kis-Tóth Attila

Date: 2-4 June, 2023
Location: Tokaj

Wine is the central attraction in Tokaj this weekend, as people come to enjoy the Wine Days and Tokaji wines. Meet the top Tokaji producers and visit many smaller local winemakers too in their open cellars. Culinary treats are the natural companion of the magnificent wines, so there will be a nice selection too.
Tokaj – the former commercial centre after which the wine region is named – jumps into action for its wine festival. This was always a more traditional town festival with popular pop and rock bands catering to the masses, but organisers have declared a new direction, aiming to be among the internationally known festivals within a couple of years. This year the arrangement is a little different: several producers all around the town are having different attractions, from musicians to street food, pottery and art- everyone can find something to choose from.