Tokaj Coffee Roasting Company

We started roasting coffee last September (2013) at Tokaj Coffee Roasting Company. We buy our green coffee from several parts of the world. We always look for top quality lots, and only deal with speciality coffee.

When we roast, our most important guideline – regardless of any trends – is to find the optimal roasting time and temperature for the different green coffees. This is something you do not find in coffee roasting manuals, it is laborious experimentation, attention to detail, and hard work. When we fins an exeptional lot of green coffee, we always offer it single-origin to our customers, but we do make our own blends for espresso-based coffees and drips. Putting a blend together is a result of lots of tasting but so far it was worth for us. We have an excellent espresso blend and also a house drip blend. As soon as we finish roasting and the coffee cools off, we package it into aroma walve bags to keep the freshness. You never find old coffee at our roastery, sometimes the coffee is even ’too’ fresh.

Coffee House

Our roastery also functions as a coffee house. You can taste our single-origin coffees and our house blends there. We offer the espresso-based coffees of the Italian school that we prepare on a La Marzocco FB 80 from our house espresso blend. At our Brew Bar you can also try the drip blend and the single-origins made with alternative coffee-making devices such as V-60, drip decanter, karlsbad coffee maker, aeropress, French press, syphon, cold drip.