Patricius Winery

The Patricius Winery is found in the Tokaj region and was established by the Kékessy family. The Kékessy family’s winemaking mission is nurtured by their family history. The owners are Dezső Kékessy and his daughter Katinka Kékessy.

The family’s maternal and paternal ancestors were well-known vineyard owners in the regions of the Tokaj and Mátra foothills from the 18thcentury. The maternal ancestors—the Okolicsányi family—had vineyards in Tokaj, Szegi, and Szőlőske, and also held important offices as public servants (Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, Member of Parliament). The winery is a reconstructed winepress house of the vineyard Várhegy. The building was previously owned by Jesuits and various aristocratic families, such as the Wolkenstein and Falkenheim, Széchenyi and Rákóczi, Falkenstein and Hohenlohe. Even though the building was used as a simple presshouse, it was mentioned in the Tokaj – Hegyalja Albumof 1867.

The characteristics of this old building have been preserved while also being integrated into a modern center of an estate.

Our Tokaj winery, the famous Aszú, and other Tokaj wines, such as the Yellow Muscat, represent the finest achievements of Hungarian wines all over the world.

“Rebuilding a large domain in Tokaj,acre by acre, handful by handful, is more than a passion, it is an oath to the future. It is with this pledge that my father and I purchased the best plots, replanting when necessary, sometimes even reversing the direction of old rows, selecting and occasionally removing the less than perfect vines.  We accomplished the next step by establishing a state-of-the-art winery, a place for creating wine, and also a site for cellar tours and wine tastings. Whether this a calling, or a pledge, you decide. This is Patricius: Our Wine and Yours.”

Katinka Kékessy