King St. Stephen Roman Catholci Church

József Zábrátczky provost of Eger bought a lordship in Takta-Szada to his brother, and in 1809 he made a foundation with 15 000 HUF to bulid a church and a parish building. This sum became enough only with its produces in 1864, so they started th construction. In 1866 both of the 2 buildings was finished. The church was totally built by stones and bricks. The walls are 1 meter wide, 8 meter high and the tower is 24,5 meter high. St. Stephen became the patron saint of the church, in the main altar we can see that our king offer the Holy Crown, and the country to Virgin Mary. The organ was made by Sándor Országh in 1885. The frescoes and the sculptures were made by unknown artists.