Götz wine cellar visitation

Götz Winery is located in a Swabian village, Hercegkút, which lies about 3 kilometres from Sárospatak. The first mention of the settlement dates from the 1750s, the original name of the village was Trautsondorf. The village has two rows of wine cellars, in Kőporos and Gombos-hegy, both form part of the World Heritage Site. You can find the ripening and tasting cellars of the Götz-family in Gombos-Hegy.

For smaller groups (generally less than 20 people), the cellar visit begins with a tour of the bottling facility where we produce wines with controlled ripening. Here the guests can become familiar with the mysteries of producing reductive Tokaji wines and the technology of wine production.

Following the bottling facility tour we will travel the short distance (5 minutes by vehicle) to visit the nearby rows of wine cellars in Gombos-hegy - a designated World Heritage site - where you will tour our spacious underground ripening cellar tunneled in rhyolite-tufa and taste selections of our winery. During this portion of the tasting tour, we introduce our visitors to the short history of Hercegkút, present day Tokaj-Hegyalja, our family business and, of course, we describe the tasted wines. Our wine tasting room is also suitable for various events. Special entertainment, such as Gypsy bands, for example, can be arranged for special events.

Our tasting cellar seats up to 200 guests and meals (cold or warm) can be provided with advance coordination. Please order these based on preliminary negotiations. The cellar visit and wine tasting take about 1.5-2 hours (+ meal if required). For groups of 50 people and larger, we will divide into smaller groups and rendezvous everyone together in the wine cellar for tastings.

If you intend to stay in the area overnight, we can assist you with organizing accommodations as well as other sightseeing programs. For example, we recommend our visitors complete their tasting tour with a short walk up Hercegkút\'s 14 Stations of the Cross path, an approximately one kilometer gently winding path behind our cellar which leads to a hilltop offering of beautiful 360-degree view of the town and neighboring landscape.

If desired, we can even bring our wine tasting or wine dinners to you at your favorite restaurant or business events elsewhere in Hungary.

Further information:

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