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The Dereszla Winery has one of the richest histories among those in the Tokaji Wine Region- Hungarian history itself can be traced through the cellar’s past.

The first written relic of the cellar which dates back to the early 15th century is a stock list that states the Hungarian King Zsigmond’s belongings within the cellars that were used to collect and store levies paid – usually in wine- by the peasants.  
From the 1450’s the cellar became a domain of the Hunyadi family with the most popular king of Hungary, King Matthias Hunyadi, supposedly paying a visit. 
Then during the Turkish reign of Hungary it passed to the Habsbourgs under the Austrian Emperor.  
From 1605 Bocskai, then Bethlen, Princes of Transylvania managed the demesne land from the eastern side of the Dereszla Hill which included the cellars.
In 1645, following the treaty of Linz, the present day cellar system became an important estate of the Rákóczi family. During the Rákóczi War of Independence,  the wines matured in the cellar didn’t add to the fortune of Ferenc Rákóczi
any more, because following the division of the possessions, his sister Julianna owned this estate. She got married in 1691 to the Frenchman Ferdinand-Gobert Aspremont-Reckheim Earl, lientenant- general. Julianna died in 1717
but had buried her husband long before, in 1708.  The Aspremont House was left without a male heir so through the
only female descendant’s marriage it became a Wolkeinstein estate. They managed the four cellars that belonged to the manor until 1845.
There was an important battle in the War of Independence in January 1849 that took place in Bodorgkeresztúr. A cannon ball, surrounded by the Hungarian tricolor in the building of the Dersezla’s wine shop commemorates the heroes of this battle.
The newest and uppermost part of the present-day cellar system was a property of a jewish merchant family from the early 19th century until it was nationalized after the Holocaust. During Hungary’s communist regime the cellar was owned by the Tokaj Wine Co-operative, gathering grapes and maturing wines from all over the Tokaj Wine Region. In the 1990’s when a wave of the privatization began, it became the property of CANA, the biggest French agricultural Co-operative Society.
Following few years of neglect, in 2000 the D’Aulan family from Champagne came to realise that this estate, with its rich historical past, was worth being revived again.   After renewing the system and introducing full technology, they began
creating a single cellar system out of 5 seperate ones, to create a cellar that improves the winemaking technology
as well as the overall aesthetics.
The present appearance of the Dereszla Winery was completed by 2007 to include a new processing plant, logistics centre, and administration unit. These new buildings follow the style of the old pressing house and cellar entrance.
From 2008 the modernization of the Dereszla’s technology has continued with 50% funding by the EMVA - a joint project between the European Union and Hungary.

Opening hours: every day 10am-6pm

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