Catholic Church (Tállya)

The parish church stood here since th Middle Ages, but in the years of the reformation it became empty and only in 1688 was reinstated. The Gothic church rebuilt in baroque style in 1720, consecrated in honor of St. Ladislaus, which was rebuilt later several times. In the 18th century boat was extended, raised, as evidenced by the two-line windows on top of each other, too. Internal restructuring carried out in 1757. In 1861, the church burned down, in 1882 it was corrected, the tower was renewed and in 1902 was renovated again. Equipment: main and side altars, pulpit are rococo of 1757, wooden easter candle holder from the end of the 18th century. An aisle, eastward church, west façades standing in front of a tower on the south side of the ship lobby, a sacristy on the north side of the chancel, a tower extension on the north side.